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This One Struck SO Many Chords with Me today

I believe this down to my bones, y’all.

The harder your journey, the more strength you gain — and with that strength, hopefully, we also find some grace; and the ability and desire to give back.

The only way forward is through. And, sometimes that journey is hard and heavy and the last thing anyone needs is to feel isolated and alone.

So when you’re out of your own personal storm, I hope you find the hope at the end of whatever rainbow life gives you. I hope you take some time to be a light in someone else’s journey.

This world needs you to shine.

Much love and happy weekend. ❤️



Tips to Manage Anxiety

I know when we’re in our heads and it feels like we’re stuck that it’s hard to focus and hit the “reset button”. Here’s a few tips I’ve found that have been helpful for me and I hope they will be for you too.

– First things first: breathe. I mean it. Sit down and take 10 minutes and truly focus on your breath and slow it down. Breathe in for a 7 second count and out for a 10 second count and slow your mind and take back your control. Sometimes this little exercise alone helps me the most.

– Stop and take a few minutes to really BE exactly where you are. And I mean that literally. Take time to ground yourself; become aware of your surroundings. What do you see, feel and hear? Are your feet touching the floor & are your hands in a relaxed position versus being tense. Rest your head and neck and BREATHE. Close your eyes and concentrate on just BEING.

– Aromatherapy is a huge help. And there’s so many options now from so many essential oils companies & people. They even have concoctions that are specifically designed for calming anxiety and helping to de-stress. And, they make them in little travel sized roll on bottles and you can take them anywhere. But again, with the aromatherapy: you’re breathing. One of my favorites is Serenity Now by Frankie & Myrrh.

What works for you and your anxiety or stress-y moments? I’d love to hear your go-to coping strategies so please share.

Much love, friends!



There will be bad days.

There really will. Those don’t end just because we’ve taken the leap to “get our shit together”. And guess what? That’s ok.

My bad days are not so pretty. They’re not glitter and sunshine filled. Not even a little bit. I will spend the day in my pajamas, hair in a messy bun and completely stuck in my head. And my head, in case you were wondering, can be a super dark and lonely place.

Those of us who grew up in less than idyllic family environments, with abuses, trauma or neglect, literally experience a different kind of brain development. Growing up as a child and living in the constant state of fight, flight or freeze changes our chemical makeup while our brains and bodies are still developing. (True story, y’all – and if you’d like to read further on this particular subject or you’re feeling extra nerdy, I highly recommend the book The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk, MD.)

What that means to me, personally, is that I am hyper-sensitive to everything. Every. Little. Thing. People could look across the room crosseyed and not even have the first thought about little ole me and I will immediately think and know with every ounce of my being that they hate me and I’ve done something offensive – like breathe.

I’m not even kidding. My brain and my chemistry are jacked up. I have to constantly talk myself down and out of my head and try to rationalize with my book-brain (that knows very well that my thoughts and emotions aren’t logical) in order to recognize that everything isn’t about me and everything also isn’t bad or horrible. People in my life aren’t going to abandon me. I’m not a horrible person. People aren’t judging me. People don’t hate me. People don’t look at me and know that I’m fundamentally somehow broken as a person or lacking.

And this is the exhausting part. I overthink and hyper-analyze and second guess every interaction that I have with anyone – no matter how small – because ultimately, the me that was raised by people who didn’t know how to love me, is still here. And I’ve had to make it my job to show that girl the unconditional love that she was denied. There’s not enough bandaids in the world to cover and heal that kind of hurt, friends. You just have to love yourself through it and make the best of what’s left of your life and your world and move past the things that tried to break you.

You’re still here for a reason. And so am I. And on our bad days, we can rest in that knowledge until we make it to a better day.

Much love,

Always. xoxo


What I’m LOVING this Wednesday

What I’m LOVING this Wednesday!

Winter skin is tough! This Agave Nectar Ageless Body Oil is my new FAV for right out of the shower head to toe softness and the smell is gorgeous, too y’all. Yay!{creative}&hvpos={adposition}&hvnetw=o&hvrand={random}&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=e&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl={devicemodel}&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=&hvtargid=pla-4584345016123547&psc=1

I adore candles. If ever you visit my home (come on over!) there are always, always, always candles lit all over. Snarky Lights on Etsy has this completely adorable AND sarcastic candle for those days that you need a good laugh with your candle light glow. “Your crazy is showing….” is my new favorite.

Hello, Rachel Hollis? I love you! Her new book came out this week and it’s pretty much available everywhere and I KNOW this is another must-read. *If you haven’t read Girl, Wash Your Face because you’ve been on another planet or something: Go. Now. Get it. I mean it.

I’m a non-recovering makeup and beauty-a-holic. Not sorry. But I’m super excited to see the classic Caboodles back out in all the colors we remember from our teenage years. Love. They are everywhere, y’all.


What this Blog’s About

This journey has been hard for me, and I know it has been hard for you too. I suffered childhood traumas. I’ve experienced adult challenges. Now I am focused on healing. My healing. Your healing.

In my successful career as a social worker/advocate for geriatric patients, I helped seniors live their latter phases with dignity, and I helped their families through the pains of their final goodbyes. After 20 years in that space, I realized that I wanted to use what I had learned in school, at work, and most importantly: IN LIFE — to help people of all ages overcome the struggles they face every day. I have completed mental health & wellness trainings and I am excited to help others overcome while I do the same in my own life.

Mental wellness & self-care is a never ending journey, not a destination.

We all have hurts and negative habits and dark places…but we can all shine. Being Shiny doesn’t happen by accident. It takes time, energy, and intentionality to truly shine. You have to make space in your life & your heart for the practices (not perfects) that let your soul come out and truly sparkle. I’ve created this space- which I hope will become a community- to share what I am learning on this journey. Let’s do these things together.

Thanks for the love, my fellow Shiny Beings!

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