A “WTF” Kinda Week

I’m having it. Really loudly. This kind of week is messy and ugly and full of all kinds of feelings that I’m not ready to deal with. Better yet, if I am “ready”, I still don’t wanna.

My kids are growing up too flippin fast. I’m proud of the little humans they are becoming but oh how I’d love to rewind on occasion and have them so little that I could rock them and soothe all that ails their little hearts and minds. My oldest is 17 and about to embark on his senior year of high school. He’s also about to take a trip out of the country (and far, far away from me), to visit London AND, he has a week long audition coming up this summer at his dream college (also over 10 hours away from me) to focus on his musical ambitions and career aspirations and in my mind, he’s still that sweet little big headed toddler telling me all about Tigger and Eeyore.


My baby girl is finishing middle school today, in just a few hours, and headed to high school. Can we please just pump the brakes a little? This sweet child of mine is so very determined, kind and deep. She’s truly an “old soul” and observes and feels the world intensely . I’m in awe of all that she is and all that she is yet to become. The world is hers and I can’t wait to watch her leave her mark and change the tide for the better.

And then there’s me. Six days in to my 42nd year on the planet and I’m still rocking some awful decisions on the regular; hopefully though, learning and growing as I go. Or, at least that’s my greatest wish. I feel like my “WTF” moments this week have been fast and furious but I’m finding grace in the journey and trying to be forgiving of my less than stellar moments. I really do try to practice what I preach, y’all. The whole self-compassion gig is hard and it takes practice. Every. Single. Day.

I hope you’re gentle with YOU, too.

When in doubt, I highly recommend the comfort foods. Ice cream and carbs do wonders for your soul.

Much love.



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