This was My Day

I preach the self-care and self-compassion deal regularly. Today, I took my own advice and made the time to relax, recharge and hit my personal reset button.

I spent 2 hours on a float, in the lake, with a book and complete silence — except for the sounds of nature in the glorious sunshine.

And. I. Feel. Fabulous.

Those few hours, that I made just for me, have done wonders for my soul.

I soaked up some sunshine. I gained some perspective and I feel like I found me again. I feel grounded and centered and ready to tackle life again.

I hope you make some time for you, too. Even if it’s just 30-minutes of peace and quiet in the fresh air. You owe it to yourself and the world at large to be the best possible version of yourself and that just can’t happen when you neglect your heart and don’t take the time to be gentle with YOU.

Honor your heart and make some peace in your mind.

Be still.


Take a break from the news and social media and heaviness that you carry about your day. Lay it all down and give yourself the compassion and kindness that you so freely give others.

You, my dear friend, are ever so very worth it.

Much love,



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