Speak Your Truth: Even if you have to whisper

I follow a fabulous human being on social media called Thug Unicorn or Tanya Markul.  Her voice and her stories speak to me.  Her words are magical and raw and real and I sometimes share her stuff on my own social media pages – because I’m a huge fan.  She’s brave and she’s fierce and she’s authentic.  She doesn’t sugar coat her journey and I really admire her strength and bravery and, most importantly,her vulnerability and transparency.  I’d really love to high five her and give her a big hug if ever we met.

“The pain that made you the odd one out is the story that connects you to a healing world.”

All that said, I share a lot of peoples’ stories and journeys and struggles on my pages and my blog – simply so that others don’t feel quite so alone.  I think if what you read is offensive or triggers you in some way, you should probably follow another page and stop reading mine.

My goal and my mission is to support, empower, encourage and to offer some light for people who have shared similar journeys in an often too heavy world.  I don’t throw rocks and if that’s your goal, move along to another page to spew ugliness.  This simply isn’t the place to do that.  I’m really all about the love, glitter, rainbows and butterflies around here so let’s keep to that theme, friends.

Much love,





1 thought on “Speak Your Truth: Even if you have to whisper”

  1. Sharing your ups and downs, your pains, your triumphs, your adventures, good and bad, your good days, your bad days is not only therapeutic for you but healing for others that have gone through similar experiences and there are many who suffer in silence. Thanks for sharing your prospective and the words from the Thug Unicorn.

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