Little Pieces of Joy

Sometimes you have to look really hard, but if you try, you can find little pieces of joy all about our daily lives. And, when we collect them, it helps to make up for the hard times & the sad times, the alone times and the anxious times.

I was reminded of this just last evening when I took an hour to sit and color mandalas with my daughter in her room. Just the two of us. Coloring pencils and some iTunes amongst the bed of a 13 year old and her Momma. It was a simple but deliberate act of being present in the moment with my baby girl and it made me take time to just BE. We tend to get so caught up in the going and the doing and the being and it feels like sometimes we’re losing sight of what’s important and what is here and what is now and our precious and limited time is simply ticking away.

So this week, I challenge us all to find those bite size pieces of joy —- whatever that looks like for you — and savor them. These moments, woven piece by piece, are what becomes our life’s most colorful tapestries.

Make it beautiful.


*coloring art work done by Danielle & Laney*

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